Time Management    

Every day, thousands of business letters and documents fail to convey their message in a format, style and length which is appropriate for the intended reader. At best, such documents are ineffective; at worst they can damage business relationships, the image of your organisation and your profits. This course helps participants gain confidence in writing.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• enhance the effectiveness of their written communication
• evaluate the readability of their written communication
• make the writing process natural and stress-free
• use reader friendly words and phrases
• write in a way that creates a positive impression
• select the appropriate style, structure and tone for the topic and reader

Learning Methods
The training is highly participative. It consists of a blend of informal lecture, discussion, syndicate group work and individual exercises.

Who Should Participate
Anyone who wants to ensure their written communications are high impact and give a positive impression of both the writer and their organisation. Participants will be asked to bring along to the course a sample of their written communication. This will be referred to during the course.


• When to use the written word
• The aims of good writing
• Top Tips for high impact documents
• Getting started
• Gunning Fog Index
• Structuring your written communication