Running Effective Meetings    

Meetings are a key tool in the successful management of business activities. All too often time and effort is wasted by arranging meetings which are not well prepared, have no clear purpose and where attendees fail to participate in the decision making process. This course provides practical hints, tips, best practices and exercises to ensure business meetings are effective and achieve their objectives.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

•understand the importance of running effective meetings
•identify the key components of an effective meeting
•describe the factors that cause meetings to fail
•understand ways to influence the effectiveness of meetings
•use practical tips to ensure meetings are effective and gain commitment from team members.

Learning Methods
The training is highly participative. It consists of a blend of informal lecture, discussion and syndicate group work.

Who Should Participate
Anyone who will be required to plan, co-ordinate and run meetings.

•What is a meeting?
•Components of successful meetings
•Meeting dynamics
•The communications cycle
•Establishing trust and credibility
•Handling Conflict
•During the meeting
•After the meeting