A Profile of Rachel Watson & Sarah Jones  

With a successful commercial background, and considerable experience across Financial Services, with the attainment of BSc.(Hons) in Financial Services, Rachel now runs her own successful business, working as a Professional Coach, Training and Image Consultant. Rachel has significant experience in people and operational management, with a 20 year career within a blue chip organization, coupled with many years successfully running her own business.

Her philosophy is that when people are valued and motivated they perform to a far higher standard, which is reflected in the quality and output of their work.

As a qualified Coach (accredited by the Association for Coaching), accredited NLP Practitioner, qualified Stress Management Practitioner with membership of the Stress Management Society, qualified Image Consultant, accredited EFT Practitioner, member of MENSA, Associate for the Chartered Institute of Bankers and a member of The Institute for Learners, she has extensive experience of training and coaching within the workplace, work-life balance, stress and wellbeing and career, personal and team development.

Rachel has combined a successful career with raising a family of 4 children, which allows her to empathise with clients, whose lives are a juggling act. Her calm, informal style and her approachability ensure she adapts her style to suit the clients needs. Her ability to bring out the best in people ensures goals are successfully achieved for the benefit of clients and the business.


Following a career spanning a wide variety of roles within the Financial Services Industry, Sarah now works as a training consultant, specialising in employee wellbeing, work-life balance, stress management, performance management and organisational culture. She has a passionate belief that people are the key to success in any organisation.

Sarah spent a significant part of her 20 year career in training and development roles and was heavily involved in the work of global Equality & Diversity and Corporate Responsibility teams.

Sarah is a qualified Stress Management Practitioner, an experienced and enthusiastic trainer, innovative designer and effective deliverer of high impact training events. She is a member of the Stress Management Society, a member of The Institute for Learners, and a qualified coach. She has developed an approach to learning which is both practical and dynamic.

Her ability to bring out the best in people by supporting creativity and innovation, combined with effective teamwork and performance management ensures a strong focus on the provision of excellent customer service. She is a Resource Accredited Assessor with significant interview experience.

Sarah has combined a successful career with bringing up 2 children. She is passionate about staff being given the opportunity to achieve a work-life balance that suits the needs of them, their families, their lifestyle and the business.

We design innovative solutions around people management, stress management, communication and management skills, health and wellbeing and career skills development; designing and delivering high impact professional training. Key skills include our intuitive nature, the ability to gain a clear understanding of the client’s current position and working to achieve goals and strategies to develop people’s true potential. Our management experience ensures a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by leaders and managers when implementing wellbeing and people management initiatives, together with an appreciation of the culture needed for success. As such, we bring a wealth of experience into the practical solutions we provide. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver bespoke solutions. Our passion for enabling individuals and teams to achieve their full potential both for themselves and their employer is key to developing a positive wellbeing culture in the workplace. We look forward to working with you.
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