Health and Wellbeing    

There is a difference between stress and pressure. We all experience pressure on a daily basis, and need it to motivate us and enable us to perform at our best. It´s when we experience too much pressure without the opportunity to recover that we start to experience stress and we feel an imbalance to our lives.

The personal and business impact of not achieving a good work-home balance is very real - people who are under an immense burden just don´t perform to their best. This workshop explores the key skills required to balance your life more effectively and achieve greater satisfaction both at work and the rest of your life.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will:

• understand the difference between stress and pressure
• understand the signs and symptoms of stress
• understand healthy lifestyles and coping strategies to deal with stress
• understand the importance of achieving a work-life balance that suits them, their lifestyle, and the business
• be able to set clear goals around their own life priorities which in turn lead to increased morale, job satisfaction and control over their life

Learning Methods
A highly participative course with exercises to illustrate the learning points.

Who Should Participate
Those who wish to acquire a greater understanding of managing pressure and gaining a good work-home balance.


• What is stress
•Performance versus Pressure
•Signs and symptoms of stress
•Healthy lifestyles and coping strategies
•The importance and benefits of work-life balance
•Exercises to raise awareness of imbalance and identify priorities