Further Coaching Skills    

The ability to motivate and support staff is crucial to the success of any team or department, and therefore the overall success of an organisation. Coaching is an integral skill requirement for any successful Manager or Team Leader.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Understand people’s values and belief system and using this knowledge for the benefit of the business
• Understand their own and others thinking and learning styles
· Become more effective communicators by understanding the tools and tips of successful coaching
• Acquire the knowledge and confidence to coach staff effectively to maximise performance, leading to greater productivity

Learning Methods
A significant part of the course contains key practical coaching sessions to both observe and participate, all under the guidance and supervision of a qualified coach.

Who Should Participate
Managers and Team Leaders wanting to acquire both the knowledge and confidence to turn the theory into practice and extend their basic coaching skills

• Values & beliefs
• Building rapport, listening & intuition
• Learning styles
• Motivation
• Self esteem
• Managing conflict
• Underperformance
• Reviewing TGROW
• The challenges facing the internal coach
• Practical coaching sessions