Feedback Skills    

Self awareness- of how you do your job, how you relate to other people at work, and of yourself as a person - should be an important aim of personal development. Knowing more about your strengths, and the areas you can improve, should help to increase your effectiveness at work. Anyone who takes their personal development seriously, will welcome feedback, which provides opportunities to improve.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• give and receive constructive feedback
• create the right atmosphere in which team members can acknowledge successes, problems and opportunities

Learning Methods
The training is highly participative. It consists of a blend of informal lecture, discussion and syndicate group work.

Who Should Participate
Anyone who wants to ensure their written communications are high impact and give a positive impression. Participants will be asked to bring along a sample of their written communication. This will be referred to during the course.


• What is feedback?
• Aims of effective feedback
• Why there is a lack of constructive feedback
• Two types of feedback
• Giving Feedback
• Receiving Feedback
• Role Plays