Facilitation Skills    

Achieving successful outcomes through the effective facilitation of groups of people has never been more important. Situations may include solving a particular problem, gaining consensus to a course of action, or mediating in conflict. This course will enable participants to design and manage processes that will ensure successful outcomes and to gain the commitment of all those involved.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• describe the role of the facilitator
• identify the key skills for effective facilitation
• use facilitation skills to achieve optimum results
• confront and overcome difficult situations
• evaluate the outcomes of the facilitation process
• identify their strengths and weakness in facilitation

Learning Methods
This course is highly participative and interactive, and provides the opportunity to share best practice. Participants are given the opportunity to practice their facilitations skills, and give and receive constructive feedback.

Who Should Participate
Facilitators, Managers and Team Leaders, and any others who will be working with groups to achieve change and improve effectiveness.


• What is successful facilitation?
• The role of the facilitator
• Skills of effective facilitation
• Facilitation models
• Dealing with difficult situations
• Evaluating the outcome of facilitation
• Facilitation skills - practical exercises