Coaching Testimonials    

I have engaged with Rachel from the Wellbeing Programme in order to fulfil the following objectives.

- Review and reflect upon career to date and options for the future
- Review and assess leadership style and effectiveness
- Develop a coaching / mentoring strategy with implementation guidance

Rachel has been from the outset very professional and supportive in all aspects. Her knowledge, style and challenge have been delivered in a supportive and beneficial way that has caused much inward reflection by me, the absolute purpose of the exercise. Our interaction has been detailed and directional, from which I have gained considerably.

John R Powell, Corporate Director, Northern Region, Barclays Corporate

We have been working with Rachel Watson of the Wellbeing Programme over the last 12 months as part of our Health & Wellbeing at Work programme ´Vitality´, initially delivering a series of workshops tailored to our specific requirements. As a company we are committed to the development and wellbeing of our people and so as part of our Wellbeing Strategy we have also introduced lifestyle coaching sessions which Rachel has been delivering to help people manage topics such as confidence, work life balance, time management, stress, and career and difficult challenges. We are expanding the number of sessions available during the next 12 months due to the popularity of the sessions and the benefits being realised. People are finding the sessions hugely beneficial both inside and outside of work which impacts how they feel, their effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. I would highly recommend these sessions to any organisation or business committed to the wellbeing of their people.

Amy Castell, HR Business Partner,

Before starting coaching with Rachel, and if being totally honest, I didn´t think this would be my cup of tea and I was sceptical of the benefits I would receive. During my very first session I realised I couldn´t have been more wrong. I´ve spent years in my career developing my academic side and knowledge base in the form of professional qualifications and business knowledge but had neglected myself, which I realised quickly during my sessions.

We focused on what makes me tick, my management style, my career desires and personal fears. To each point was a structured action plan to improve and we regularly discussed the key milestones along the way. I found my sessions extremely useful and time well spent. I believe the sessions have strengthened my management skills and my leadership style, a big thanks to Rachel.

Andrew Denham, Business Planning and Performance Senior Manager, Royal Mail Operations

"Rachel has been a great support for me during a period of huge change at work which included a significant restructure and promotion to a new a role. The main benefits for me have been the focused way in which Rachel has got to the 'heart' of my concerns at work and then helped to identify some very practical solutions which I have used to good effect. Rachel was able to adapt her approach to meet my learning needs so that I always left my coaching session with usable tools that I've taken back to work, and continue to use now. Above all, her supportive approach provided room to think away from the workplace which both motivated me and encouraged me during some challenging times. I've recommended coaching to a number of people as a result of my time with Rachel."

Donna McGrath, Internal Communications Manager, North West Region, Royal Mail

Rachel is a dedicated, inspirational coach who has an ability to drive high achievement, focus and actual results by working with you in a collaborative way. Rachel ensures that she engages in a way that provides self focus, but she never sets the agenda, so everything is about you and your goals. Rachel instills self accountability and inner motivation. Rachel cares passionately about her client and there is no doubt when you are with Rachel you are the focus. Rachel´s calming yet strong approach makes you feel instantly at ease, she has one of the highest levels of integrity I have ever seen.

I love working with Rachel and on a personal level Rachel´s work with me has been valuable and I have achieved my goals- but the key has been I have made changes that have not just stayed for a few weeks they are now embedded- this is a rare achievement.

Sales and Service Manager, Leading Price Comparison Company

As a trained coach, I have had the privilege of experiencing at first hand the transformational power of coaching for professional development for staff. However, until working with Rachel, I had not had a recent opportunity to be coached myself. Presently, I have one coaching session with Rachel each academic term. These one-to-one sessions have been invaluable in enabling me to meet the goals I have chosen to work on, in a short time frame. Rachel is extremely skilled in using coaching to identify how I can move forward to meet my goals, motivating me to overcome barriers in creative ways that have truly enhanced the way I work.

Margaret Jackson, Head Teacher, Ladymount Primary School

Headship is all consuming, providing little time for purposeful reflection. A great deal of time is spent supporting and advising others with little opportunity to pause for thought and think about one´s own performance. As part of The Wellbeing Programme, Rachel Watson has provided time and space away from the distractions of school life to reflect on my practice. It has helped to make sense of the issues faced each day and explore a range of strategies to help me deal with different situations more effectively in the future. I am extremely fortunate to have support form colleague head teachers who advise and guide me. However the support from Rachel, who has experienced the role of a manager and leader in the business world, has provided me with a different perspective on my role in school. Though sessions can been extremely challenging, with new strategies demanding that I work outside my ´comfort zone, the end result is slowly beginning to impact positively on my role as a leader and manager. I would recommend anyone in a leadership role to give The Well Being Programme careful consideration.

Brian McGregor, Head Teacher, Woodchurch CE Aided Primary School

I have been attending regular coaching sessions for the past 9 months and I find them invaluable. One of my main reasons for having coaching sessions is that as a leader I believe it is important to build a high performance team and to do this you must start with yourself.

For me coaching has helped me focus on my own solutions, which in turn has given me the freedom to take control and develop my people in a way that suits them on an individual basis.

I cannot recommend these sessions more highly and I think team leaders and managers should embrace the whole coaching experience. They have so much to gain.

Elise, Call Centre Manager

Through coaching I have managed to improve the performance of two under-performing members of my team. My team is more motivated around their own performance and personal development.

Dave, Corporate Business Team Leader

I have experienced coaching prior to my coaching sessions with Rachel so I expected a similar game of ‘cat and mouse’ where the coach has a prior agenda and is intent on manoeuvering the coachee to the desired outcome. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to encounter Rachel’s coaching style.

From the outset Rachel made it clear that the role of a Coach is not to give you the answers but to DRAW them from you; what you want to achieve, why and how. The conversations were structured and logical and whilst I was able to explore all ideas and avenues, Rachel kept me focused on my initial goal.

The atmosphere is relaxed yet professional and I felt assured that what I discussed would be completely confidential.

There have been occasions where I initially couldn’t see ‘the wood for the trees’ and the issue I wanted to discuss was insurmountable but by the end of the session I would come away with clear, realistic actions, a feasible timescale to achieve them in and the knowledge that I had Rachel’s support for the follow-up session.

I would recommend Rachel as a Coach as she can help you discover solutions to issues for yourself, which you may not have found without her excellent listening skills, open, probing questions and total commitment.

Tracey, Call Centre Team Leader

Coaching has improved my work life balance and helped me to work on my areas for development. After each coaching session, I feel refreshed and much more positive.

Claire, Larger Business Team Leader

The coaching I have received has given me a tool to use to structure and manage my day-to-day workload in a much better way, leaving me a lot less stressed.

Howard, Project Manager

I would whole-heatedly recommend the coaching sessions that Rachel provides to anybody. The sessions have enabled me to evaluate a number of areas for development and to set an action plan to resolve the situation or issue. I have also developed a more systematic approach to problem solving by using the coaching framework for myself. I believe the time spent with Rachel is invaluable; it gives me time away from the busy office, to concentrate my energy and attention on a specific area. Rachel’s professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the sessions enable me to take the next steps with clear direction.

Sarah, Call Centre Team Leader

At the beginning of the year, I had lost by drive and motivation. I felt unappreciated and demoralized in my job. Feeling I had nowhere to turn, I met Rachel. Being a bit dubious about the benefits of coaching, I agreed for Rachel to coach me as I had no other ideas on how to get out of the rut I was in.

Now at the end of the year I am one of the strongest performers in my area. I have built bridges with the management I struggled with earlier in the year and have a very positive outlook on my career and progression. The coaching was so geared to me being positive in my outlook to difficult situations. I feel it has equipped me to deal with all situations with a more open mind. I am now a true believer in the benefits of coaching.

Thanks again.

Lisa, Team Leader

During the last 3 years I have desperately wanted to progress through the grades, but something was stopping me – surviving the interview process. When we met I was rather apprehensive as I had not attended a coaching session before, but immediately Rachel put me at ease. The session lasted an hour and both Rachel and I were totally open and honest with each other. After the first session, I felt so much clearer and I had direction. By the end of the session I knew exactly what my fears were and I had a number of actions to work on before the next session. Four sessions later and I had my interview. During the interview I was calm, collected and confident. I was successful.

The majority of my success is down to Rachel as I don’t think I would ever have had the confidence to go through the process without our coaching sessions.

Rachel has a very calming manner; she is very approachable and really listens. Outside of my coaching, she has also helped me with a very sensitive issue that I was concerned about tackling. Through mentoring Rachel helped me to address the issue and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Jo, Team Leader

I have found the coaching provided by Rachel invaluable. She has a calm, patient manner and is very easy to approach. My time management has been a focal point for me over the last 6 months. Rachel’s coaching has enabled me to make great improvements to this.

I find the time spent with Rachel is very focused and structured in a way that enables me to discuss an issue / area for improvement and to come away from the session with a way forward / solution.

I would and have recommended Rachel’s coaching to my colleagues / friends as she is genuinely committed and very focused in her coaching.

Sarah, Call Centre Team Leader

I found coaching a benefit as it was time for me to reflect and concentrate on areas which I wanted to develop. Rachel gave me her time and support to do this. Rachel’s qualities include being approachable and genuine, her skills enable her to build trust and report with her clients.

Rachel’s style of coaching has helped me to identify various development areas and through discussions we found that I have achieved some of the targets without me even realizing it. I have now achieved my overall and this has given me the confidence to perform my role at work to the best of my ability – I no longer doubt my own strengths and identifying them has enabled me to use them effectively.

Alison, Project Manager

Spending quality time in coaching sessions with Rachel has enabled me to identify specific areas in my development that require attention. Through discussion I was able to prioritise what was most important to me to achieve and set mini goals and targets to help me achieve my end goal. I found Rachel to be approachable, trustworthy and honest, which enabled the coaching to be really effective.

Clare, Small Business Team Leader

During the sessions I’ve had with Rachel in the last 6 months, I’ve been coached in a variety of subjects including driving performance in my team and conflict within the team. As an individual I’ve grown as a person and become a more confident and effective Team Leader. By having the confidence and the help from Rachel, I have also had the opportunity to coach others.

I would certainly recommend Coaching if you get the opportunity, as it’s probably one of the best methods to drive your own performance, in matters relating to either personal or work-related situations.

Janice, Project Team Leader

During my coaching sessions with Rachel, she inspired and motivated me to achieve the goals I had set myself. Rachel’s enthusiasm for coaching, helping others achieve exceptional performance has meant that I have been able to achieve my goal 6 months early. Rachel has helped me re-gain confidence that I had lost, by working with me to set myself testing actions. In completing the actions I have stretched myself and been encouraged to work to the best of my ability. When setting actions Rachel is keen to set dates that keep you focused without putting any pressure on you.

Through her coaching sessions, Rachel has worked with me to make me recognize where I could challenge myself and enhance my skills and knowledge. I now realize how important it is to take time-out for self-development and not to always use the excuse of being too busy. If I ever needed to approach someone again, I would approach Rachel.

Rachel, I would like to thank you for all your help as I truly believe that if it wasn’t for our coaching sessions and your feedback on my CV, I would not have been in a position to apply for and be successful in gaining promotion.

Thanks again.

Karen, Project Manager

Thank you for all your help and encouragement. I feel I have changed and matured as a Team Leader as a result of your excellent coaching. You are so easy to talk to and always made me feel valued.

Sarah, Call Centre Team Leader

Rachel has the unique talent that enables her to make you think she is giving good advice, when in fact she is making you make the decisions for yourself. Her skills have helped me to advance my career on a number of occasions.

Thanks for all your help.

Jim, Team Leader

After hearing the recommendations from my colleagues with regards to being coached by Rachel, I decided this was an avenue I’d like to explore. I attend regular coaching sessions with Rachel and from the first session I went away with a purpose and a clear structure of what I want to achieve both in my work environment and at home as I recognized that my work would improve when aspects of my home life were addressed.

By working on both home and work life within my coaching sessions I’ve been able to make more progress in all areas and incorporate assistance where applicable. This has meant that I have more resource available at home by allocating tasks to others and by giving them some responsibility has freed some of my time to pursue activities that I enjoy rather than just actioning tasks for others.

Coaching has given me the encouragement to go forward and realize my capabilities by breaking tasks down into manageable chunks without loosing focus on the end result and goal. I have been able to target many things concurrently and has provided me with a much more positive attitude to my work and home life.

Alison, Team Leader

During our coaching sessions Rachel is extremely easy to talk to; she understood my dilemmas and is a great listener. At times I have booked a coaching session and not known what I would talk about, however through her effective questioning techniques and her ability to listen and question further I have always been able to produce a goal for myself. The coaching topics have varied, I have received coaching on work for example organizing my day and creating a happy and harmonious team. I have also received coaching on a personal level e.g. gaining confidence in my day-to-day life. The goals I have made have always been realistic and motivational. By having a coach I have always committed to my actions taken forward in order to achieve my overall goal.

Through coaching I am able to talk through any issues and gain a positive outcome. It helps as you establish your own ideas for your own issues with the guidance and confidence of a coach. I would like to thank Rachel for all her help and support over the past months.

Rachael, Premier Business Team Leader

I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help and support through our coaching sessions.

If someone had told me I would be responding like this I would never have believed them. I am such a cynic, but decided to give it a go….oh! What a fool I was to think that they were a waste of time; these sessions virtually changed my life.

I was surprised to say the least that the talking was all done by me; I thought I was going to be told what to do! One question from Rachel and my inner most thoughts and fears spilled on to the table. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that I wasn’t a happy bunny and my life needed to be put in order.

From our talks it transpired that I was totally bogged down by clutter! – Materially, physically and emotionally. I set myself timely goals. Rachel coached me to clear one thing at a time and I was amazed that by getting rid of unnecessary items / worries at home, it helped me to organize my working life. My mind was clear and it allowed me to tackle my working day with a positive attitude.

Thanks again Rachel for all your support, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sheila, Call Centre Team Leader