Career Skills Development    

Recruiting and retaining the right staff is imperative in today┬┤s competitive environment. Providing your staff with the confidence and skills required to seek career development is fundamental in creating a culture in which staff feel developed and valued; maximising their talent and potential. Marketing yourself requires competence in two principal areas; CV Writing and Interview Technique. In essence, your CV is your shop window - it is an advertisement for the individual and therefore it must make an immediate impact. The interview is essentially a sales presentation and, needs
to be thoroughly prepared and rehearsed.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

•understand the components of a high impact CV
• identify areas of personal strength and areas for further development
• feel more confident about their interview technique increase in confidence in
--preparing for and undertaking a structured interview
• be able to communicate their skills, experience and competencies with confidence
• be able to make a positive first impression

Learning Methods
A highly participative course with practical examples and exercises.

Who Should Participate
Staff who wish to understand their strengths and development areas and those who
are seeking assistance to progress their careers and convey their abilities confidently
projecting a positive impression to the employer. .


• Developing a high impact CV
• Preparing for the interview
• Types of interviews
• Communication skills
• Creating a positive business impression
• Interviewing skills