Business Presentation Skills    

Today’s staff are frequently called upon to make presentations to both internal and external stakeholders. It is crucial that they can speak with authority and give convincing presentations if they are to show their organisations and themselves in the best possible light. This workshop will enable staff to give clear, persuasive, high impact presentations.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

plan and prepare for all types of business presentation
develop their own style of presenting
present effectively to a wide range of audiences
get their message across with more impact

Learning Methods
A highly participative course with a wealth of practical examples and exercises. Participants are given the opportunity to practice their presentations skills and receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment.

Who Should Participate
Anyone who is required to speak to audiences large and small, or who needs to inform discerning or critical listeners.

the essential requirements for high impact presentations
setting objectives and expectations
matching the material to the needs of the audience
accumulating and selecting the vital information
structuring the presentation
the effective use of visual aids
compiling and working from script or notes