Maximising Business Performance    

On average people do not fulfil their potential. Time and emotional barriers often seems to get in the way. By raising a person’s self-awareness and encouraging a person to take responsibility for their performance, they can rise to their own challenges achieving their aspirations. If firms put more effort into creating meaning, employees said they would be more motivated, loyal and would take more pride in their work and thereby adding greater value to the business.

Benefits to you and your organisation
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Use a variety of tools to manage and organise their time more effectively and therefore become more efficient and creative
• Raise awareness of their own strengths and skill-base, thereby adding greater value to the business
• Understand individual and team values and motivational needs
• Set meaningful goals and commitments

Learning Methods
A highly participative course with a wealth of exercises to complete.

Who Should Participate
Teams / Businesses who want to make best use of their time to develop business opportunities, recognize and utilize, their own and team members skill base. By developing their understanding of their own values enabling the team to develop team values this sets more direction and meaning to the vision of the business.


• Time management tools and techniques
• Skills analysis
• Values – individual & team
• Motivation
• Goals & Commitments