What is coaching and how can it help?

Coaching is a powerful, motivational profession, grown from the realization that we can all sometimes lose our way amid the stresses and strains of modern life. Often we need an unbiased, outside view to help move us forward.

There are those changes we would like to make, but never seem to get around to doing. Also the pace of change generally in the world is unlikely to slow down and coping with this can be a massive challenge. This is where coaching can help.

The coaching process is an effective partnership between you and your coach, enabling you to move forward with your life. Coaching looks at where you are now and helps you to get to where you want to be. It is action driven and by raising your self-awareness and encouraging you to take responsibility for your life, I can help you rise to your own challenges and go further than you ever thought possible.

Coaching takes place through conversation, but is however different from normal social conversation. It is dynamic and focused.

Hope doesn’t get you what you want, focusing on what really matters does. Having purpose and awareness of where you are now and focusing on where you want to be, gives you direction and motivation. You reap what you sow.

Coaching is about scheduling time for yourself to discover what you’re really capable of and taking action to achieve what you want by taking step-by-step changes to achieve your aspirations.

Coaching is about unlocking your potential to maximize your own performance enabling you to live your best, fullest, most productive and happiest life.

"Dream what you want to dream
Go where you want to go
Try to be who you really are
Because life is short and often only gives one
chance to do things.”

“Life is not a dress rehearsal, it's the real thing."

Is coaching for me?

Coaching could be for you if you identify with any of the following:

  • I've had a particular problem or challenge for a long time, but never managed to solve it
  • I've got an important issue to resolve but I don't know where to start
  • I seem to spend all my time, just playing catch up
  • Things are OK for me - but they could be better
  • Things would be great if only...
  • I'd like to run my ideas past someone who isn't going to tell me what to do or be negative
  • I feel isolated but find it difficult to talk to a friend / colleagues in case they see it as failure
  • I'm in a rut but I feel too exhausted to change
  • I've lost direction

"You create your own luck"

"The really blessed people do not necessarily have the best of everything; They are the ones who make the most of whatever life throws at them."

"A fool wanders, a wise man travels"

Life Coaching: What it isn’t

Training: the trainer fixes the training agenda and transfers skills and knowledge, whereas in coaching the individual sets the agenda, which is fluid and flexible.

Mentoring: a mentor passes on knowledge, skills and specific experience to a mentee. A coach does not need any experience or knowledge to coach on a subject.

Therapy: this deals with past-related feelings and resolution of old pains and old issues whereas coaching is about setting goals and forward action.

Consulting: consultants tend to be experts within a specific industry, whereas the coaches expertise in the domain of conversation, communication and interpersonal skills. Consultants are often expected to provide answers whereas a coach does not provide advice but works with an individual to create changes evoking the answers from the individual.

Support from a friend: a friend may expect a person to support them in return, whereas a Coach does not have such expectations. A friend may not challenge a person for fear of upsetting the person or may get angry if a person does not do as they recommend. A Coach will not give advice, but will challenge and stretch a person and ask effective questions to prompt the coachee to make their own recommendations, ideas and solutions. The friend may expect the person to see the world as they do whereas a Coach is non-judgmental and will not make assumptions. A friend may want their friend to remain the same. A Coach is there to support their coachees to achieve their goals and live the life they choose.

Benefits of Coaching

My role is to motivate and inspire, asking searching questions, challenging you and helping you uncover your own wisdom and potential. My job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you already have. Remember your past is not your potential. When a person is truly listened to, they grow in ability and confidence.

As your coach I am not a problem solver, a teacher or even an expert, I am your very own facilitator who will raise your level of self-awareness. Coaching works by breaking down what might seem like an overwhelming goal into manageable bite-sized chunks. This helps you to succeed and to see results quickly.

Through Life Coaching I will help you to:

  • clarify what you want from your life,
    giving you vision and purpose.
  • set more compelling and effective goals.
  • be motivated, keep you focused,
    keep you accountable and confront you
    when you lag behind on your commitments.
    I am a sounding board for your ideas, and
    someone to support you on your journey
    of change
  • improve your confidence, eliminating those
    things that are draining you of energy
  • manage your time… and find time for you.
  • ask for what you want, be more assertive
    and set boundaries
  • look more broadly at the range of options
    open to you

People to whom I have provided career coaching have improved their income, have become more motivated, have greater job satisfaction and improved their work performance. I am someone to talk to about your work problems and challenges – someone who is not going to interrupt you, make judgments about you or criticise what you are saying.

Through Career Coaching I will help you to:

  • become aware of what job would give
    you the most enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • become aware of what is truly important to you.
  • eliminate those things that are draining
    you of energy.
  • become more assertive and set boundaries,
    so that even the most difficult people will
    seem easier to get along with.
  • learn to set goals and increase your
    confidence to achieve your potential.
  • learn how to work through the obstacles
    in your way of achieving the job you want.

How often are you truly listened to, without interruption?
I will listen to you completely giving you my undivided attention, believing in you completely, empathizing with you and focusing your attention to achieve ambitious goals and dreams.

I will give you the time and space to think through your challenges and options in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. I will support, encourage and motivate you through the personal change that lies ahead.

“Your past is not your potential.”

“Happiness comes from within.”

How do I arrange to receive coaching?

The complimentary session

Coaching isn't for everyone, so I offer a complimentary "getting to know you" session, to assess whether coaching is right for you and whether you are comfortable with me as your coach.

If when we chat it is apparent that coaching isn’t for you, then I will let you know about other self-help organizations that may be more suitable.

What happens in a coaching session?

My clients enjoy face-to-face, telephone, Skype or Face Time coaching sessions. Coaching is all about you. With my help and support, you decide how you want each session to work.

You will meet / call regularly at a pre-arranged time.

E-mail and telephone support can be offered between sessions. Some clients particularly like 5-10 minute calls to provide support to give that extra push or impetus when the going gets tough. Just knowing you have someone on your side proves very motivational and rewarding for both the client and myself.

During a coaching session the client discusses the challenges they face, devises ways to meet those challenges and set goals. I help the client to continually focus on their goals and keep them on track until they are achieved. I am a Coach not a Counsellor, although I am trained in a number of therapies, which enable me to help clients with past related issues such as fears, phobias and limiting beliefs. I help people look at the present and realize their future, rather than look at the past, although if the past is holding a person back from coping with the present or preventing them from moving forward, I can assist with these types of issues. I help people to focus on their own solutions. As a result they will be better equipped to solve their own problems, long after the coaching has stopped.

How long will the coaching process last?

This really depends on what you are trying to achieve. The length of time, very much depends on the individual and what they want to achieve.

During each session you will establish an issue and I will encourage you, through a series of questions, to set goals aimed at resolving that issue. With help from me, you will explore various options that will enable you to take a step nearer to your goal.

This may be a challenging experience and will require a lot of commitment from you. You will be expected to take action to aid your progress. I will be there to encourage and motivate you each step of the way to your success.

How much does it cost?

The coaching packages are tailor made to your own needs to gain momentum, focus and direction.

E-mail support and 5-10 minute calls between sessions are provided at no extra cost.

Remember this is an investment in YOU. You deserve to live your best life.

Next step

Coaching requires your full commitment and when fully committed the benefits can be enormous.

If you feel you really would like to make changes and be coached then please do contact me. There never is a better time than the present, to start to make improvements to your life.

If you decide that coaching is what you need, then I will be delighted to organise this for you.

You can be assured when we speak that our conversation will be held in the strictest confidence.

Whatever you chose, I wish you well in the future.


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