What is Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)?

Rhythmic Movement Training is a drug free approach to help physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive challenges. It is a specialised movement programme for children and adults to develop their visual, auditory, motor, tactile and balance senses. The RMT movements replicate the natural rhythmic type movements that infants make which are necessary to integrate the primitive reflexes.

The Infant Reflexes are responsible for developing and maturing the 'wiring' system in the brain that should take place starting in utero and up to 4 years, ready for going into the learning environment to learn with enjoyment, adventure and with ease.

This programme is movement based and natural. It is enjoyable to give and receive and can bring about profound and life-long results.

Who can benefit?

RMT is valuable to anyone who would like to improve any skill or area of their life. It can help those who are struggling, not performing or achieving their highest potential in education, business, sport or the performing arts. It is extremely beneficial to anyone with specific learning difficulties whether they be physical, emotional, social and behavioural or has been assessed with any developmental delays.

How do I know whether RMT can help?

Simple physical checks can be done to assess any retained reflexes. If the person cannot do the co-ordinated rhythmic movements easily by themselves, this clearly shows the different areas of the brain may not be linked up sufficiently. Some people do find ways of compensating for their difficulties in life but it will require them to put a lot more effort into achieving the success they want and deserve.

What exercises will I need to do and how long will it take?

The RMT consultant will recommend exercises for each individual depending upon their retained reflexes. It is usually recommended that the exercises are done daily and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The programme will vary in length from individual to individual depending on a variety of factors including the number of retained reflexes. The exercises are performed on the floor to give maximum stimulation to the senses.

RMT Consultants and instructors

RMT offers a unique way to help natural development. Consultants and instructors are dedicated to helping physical, emotional and cognitive development naturally in children and adults of all abilities.

As I have been through the training, I have had the opportunity to have my own reflexes checked and integrated, experienced and learnt the rhythmic movements thoroughly and have noticed significant changes in myself and colleagues.

Having now worked with many children and adults, seeing and experiencing the benefits that RMT can provide, this has provided evidence of what can be achieved and, as part of the of suite of development tools and therapies I provide, can help adults and children move toward enjoying their highest potential.

Further reading: Dr Blomberg and Moira Dempsey have written a book called 'Movements that Heal' with interesting and very useful information about their work with the reflexes and child development. More information can also be found at http://rhythmicmovement.co.uk/

A selection of testimonials

Last year I was diagnosed with MS. I'd always been an anxious person, but following the diagnosis I struggled to cope. I lost confidence in my work abilities, and couldn't find comfort in anything.

A friend suggested that I book an appointment with Rachel. The first few sessions were very emotional, as I'd not really told anyone else exactly how I felt. Rachel suggested that we try EFT to help me deal with my feelings.

We worked on my fear of the future, and my anxiety around how my condition may develop. After a couple of sessions I started to feel less anxious, and had more perspective on things. I found that I started to feel more confident again in work, and my sleep pattern improved. On days where I did struggle I put into practise the EFT techniques Rachel taught me.

Not long after starting the sessions I lost my Granddad, then my Boyfriends Mom died suddenly. Stress and upset can be triggers for a relapse, so I was concerned that I would be unwell again. Despite how difficult things were I coped far better than I would have done previously, and again used the EFT techniques to help. My general health remained stable too.

When things had settled down Rachel suggested that I try some RMT. I was given a series of exercises to do, focusing on the Fear Paralysis Reflex. I found the exercises really beneficial, and in a few weeks really started to notice the difference. I'd no longer feel constantly overwhelmed by things, I felt more confident and independent. Rather than looking back I started to look to the future, and where I felt fearful before I now felt it was an opportunity to change for the better.

Following all the work I've done with Rachel I genuinely feel like a different person. My attitude to a lot of things has changed, for the better. She helped me see the positives through some very difficult times, and for that I'm very grateful.

Life coaching, EFT and RMT client

When my 8 year old son began his RMT, he was having a very difficult year at school. He manifested the following:

- inattentiveness
- easily being startled (jumpy)
- poor fine and gross motor skills
- lack of confidence
- lack of co-ordination (clumsy)
- an inability to sleep long or deeply
- a dislike/fear of loud or noisy spaces
- though a gentle and sensitive child he became aggressive and lashed out if someone knocked into him or shouted near him
-he would be devastated if he dropped something

His inability to be still and sleep deeply or for long periods. have been present since birth. After beginning the exercises I noticed that he went to sleep more restfully and deeply. He became generally less anxious and more tolerant of noises and disorder in the environment around him.

An added benefit and one that I had not expected was that as his fine motor skills improved so did his balance, left and right orientation and special awareness.

After a few months other improvements became evident too. He was much more co-ordinated in sports, which gave him confidence.

This was a huge development as he had felt he was "no good" He had tried to attend a badminton club but was told he was not "ready". My son's confidence plummeted and we found an afterschool tennis club. This too, he abandoned but recently restarted after a break of a few months. I was told that he was not the same child, and they could not believe the change in him and the coach believed he had been having private lessons at another club.

The RMT has had both deep and subtle effects on my son. It has significantly improved not just what my son is able to achieve but how he feels about himself. It has made his everyday life easier and happier and has widened his abilities and altered his perception of himself.

Academically his progress is significant. Last year he made no progress in his sublevels. This year, whilst the average expected sublevel rise is 4 sublevels, my sons has improved between 6 and 8 in reading, writing and maths.

Rachel immediately understood my child and had an instant rapport with him. We found her a highly skilled and empathic practitioner and both benefitted from her expertise and extensive experience. She was incredibly warm and patient whilst her explanations were clear and concise. My son sees her as a friend and adores her and she has changed his view of the world.

My gratitude and respect for Rachel's skill and patience are beyond words. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and this course of training.

Parent of young client

Rachel and I first began talking about RMT and its benefits, in relation to my younger son, who has developmental delay, language & communication delay and a possible Autistic Spectrum Condition. However, we quickly realised that it would have a great and immediate benefit to my elder son (8yrs old). Whilst he doesn't have any learning difficulties and is a bright and capable boy, we had noticed a dip in his confidence and self-esteem, and some limiting beliefs creep into his language. Of course, we wanted to help him turn these feelings around.

Further discussion with Rachel highlighted that he got frustrated when having to write, and Literacy homework was an awful and stressful battle for us all! He had plenty to say, knew the answers but transferring them to paper was tricky for him. A ten minute exercise could take 2 hours, full of tears and tantrums from us all!

His handwriting was also an area that he struggled with, and led to frustration for him. He is a sensitive and gentle soul but it seemed as though more and more things were getting to him, which only added to his frustration and low self-esteem. We were definitely seeing & hearing more "Can't do" than "Can do", and witnessing an underlying anxiety. He was holding himself to a very high standard,
and was extremely tough on himself if he failed to live up to his own expectations.

Rachel explained the link of many of these things to un-integrated and/or active reflexes that can be present in many of us. There were movements that we could do to help integrate them and hopefully help ease some of the frustrations that my son was experiencing. It certainly couldn't hurt!

We began the gentle and relaxing exercises, which can be done at any time of the day, into our bedtime routine. Not only were they helping specific reflexes integrate, but it was a lovely way for us to spend some quiet time together at the end of the day.

A few short months in and we have successfully integrated some reflexes and continue to work on the others. There is definite improvement with his handwriting. The homework tantrums are a thing of the past & he is generally much more settled with his confidence returning.

I would recommend RMT for children, it's gentle, non-invasive and can definitely bring results. We will continue to work on this until we have all reflexes integrated and may also use some EFT techniques with Rachel, as a tool going forward. With regard to our younger son, we do the exercises less regularly with him and on his terms due to the complex nature of his condition, but will continue with
it over a longer period of time, expecting a slower response, but a response nonetheless.

Parent of young client

My son has been exercising using the RMT method for almost 9 months now. Under the expert tuition of Rachel, he has been able to follow the movements and has become able to complete his exercises himself without help.

The exercises are given in small manageable groups to practise at home, something my son has enjoyed immensely.

I have seen my son become more confident, less anxious and much happier since he began using RMT; and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Rachel as an RMT provider.

Parent of 11 year old boy