What is personal styling and image consultancy and how can it help?

Did you know that when you meet someone for the first time you have only 30 seconds to make a lasting impression?

- Are you unsure which colours suit you?
- Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and
- nothing to wear?
- Have you spent a fortune on clothes
- and never worn them?
- Stuck in a rut?
- Want a makeover?
- Do you want to discover how to develop an
- image, which reflects the real you?

Find out from Rachel, what to wear to make you look healthier and more alive and make shopping mistakes a thing of the past!

Rachel is a qualified Image Consultant having trained as both a colour and style consultant, with Europe's leading Image Consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful.


Colour Me Beautiful are Europe's leading image consultants
Colour Me Beautiful are Europe's leading style consultants


A colour and style makeover will:
· make you unique
· help you make the most of your shape
· help you to shop successfully

Most people wear only 20% of their wardrobe 80%
of the time

What is an image consultant and how can
it help me?

Of the many ways in which we choose to express ourselves, the colour and style of our clothes probably make the most immediate impact. Clothes make a visual statement about how we view ourselves. Clothes re-inforce our self-image and can boost our confidence. It’s all about confidence - looking good helps you feel good. Image consultancy and personal styling helps you to discover an image which reflects the real you, helping you to look healthier and more alive. It means that shopping mistakes are a thing of the past, by choosing colours that suit you best and styles that are most flattering for you.

The sessions are highly practical and informative, fun and very relaxed.

What are the benefits?

The aim of a colour analysis and style consultation is to help you identify the best colours for you to wear and to acknowledge your body lines, scale and proportion. The right selection of clothes will not only make you look great physically, but also help you to feel good about yourself—and therefore you become more confident.

It will give you confidence-

· Wearing the right colour and style of clothes
· will make you look healthier and more alive
· Knowing how to adapt your wardrobe for different
· lifestyles increases your confidence as well as
· making the most of your purchases
· By adapting your look, staying current and
· developing your own individual style, you will
· feel more confident.

Whatever your needs, I can bring out the best in you! If you feel you really would like to make changes, then please do contact me. There never is a better time than the present, to start to make improvements to your life.


I felt completely inspired after having had my colour consultation to completely review my wardrobe and my life. The next step is to have my style consultation done and my goal is to have a whole new look inside and out by Christmas when a little brown dress will be purchased!!

Jane, Warrington

I thoroughly enjoyed both my colour and style consultation with Rachel; her professionalism and warmth of personality made me feel relaxed and helped me to understand the colours and styles to wear to make the most of my natural colouring and body shape. Shopping is now a much more pleasurable experience knowing what to try on and what to leave on the hangers! My bank balance is also a lot healthier now that I am better able to avoid those shopping disasters that remain unworn in the back of the wardrobe.

Suzanne, Wirral

I had my colour consultation with Rachel Watson. I had come to a stage in my life, (61) when no matter what I tried on in the shops absolutely nothing made me look or feel good. I seemed to have reached the point of no return.

Having had my colours done some 9 years previously I thought that was it! But they just didn't work for me anymore, I had given up and thought 'Oh well, I am old, how good can I expect to look?' I was getting quite depressed, as I still work as a beauty therapist, and I need to look and feel good for my customers.

Then I met Rachel, she told me that although the colours were great 9 years ago, the skin changes and therefore the colours need to be 'tweaked' just a little. Boy! What a joy it was to sit in front of a mirror, looking better and better with each passing colour swatch draped over me. I couldn't wait to get to the shops and see what was there for me.

I went into one well known high street shop where for the last couple of years I have come out with nothing but depression, took my colours with me and matched them up to lots of beautiful things. The shop assistants were enthralled, and wanted to know what I was doing, and then started to really get into the whole experience with me.

For the first time in years I took 5 items in the room with me, and ended up buying all 5! Plus shoes and bag! Everything goes with everything else, and matches up great with my other items in my wardrobe, so for the price of 5 garments, I have about 25 different new outfits! It was worth every penny of the consultation cost, it has saved me £100's of pounds in wasted items that I end up never wearing.

I look and feel great, get lots of compliments all the time, (that hasn't happened in a while). I have recommended Rachel to all of my customers, and I recommend her to you also. I am having my body shape done next week and can't wait. I have been saving up for the new spring fashion items that I need just to finish off my wardrobe. I feel so uplifted, my new cheerfulness has spread to my customers and friends, and guess what? I think I have found new beau, watch this space........ Thanks Rachel.

Wendy, Cheshire

I recently had colour me beautiful consultations, with Rachel and was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She went through all the colour types available to ensure that I understood and was in agreement with her choice of my dominant look.

The style session was most illuminating as, although I knew I felt better in some outfits and not others, I did not understand the reason why. I will now be able to shop with more confidence – having the well informed choices to rely upon and can thoroughly recommend Rachel as your colourmebeautiful consultant.

Carole, Wirral

The results from the colour and style session have really inspired me to dress myself with the confidence of knowing what looks and feels good on me. It was a fun and interactive experience and has changed my approach to clothes shopping for the better!

Stephen, Bristol

Rachel Watson's colour and style session has made a huge difference to the way I present myself both at work and socially. It's given me the confidence to create my own look knowing that what I'm wearing is making the most of who I am.

It wasn't about changing myself - instead it has enhanced what was already there. Knowing what colours and styles work means I don't waste time and money when I go shopping. I really enjoyed the session, Rachel's approach was great - really fascinating and insightful. I had a wedding to go to the following week and was able to find an outfit that I knew suited me perfectly.

I'd particularly recommend this to other men. In a relatively short session it gives you some guiding principles that are easy to follow and make a big difference. If you've ever tried things on in changing rooms wondering why certain things just look wrong, this saves you from that. Great fun and really inspiring.

David, Bristol

Rachel really helped me clarify what I'd been doing right and wrong with my colours. Over the years I'd had favourite shirts and tops but never really realised why they had looked so good. At the same time, some clothes I had bought that looked great on the peg never really worked for me, and I never understood why.

In terms of style, Rachel really encouraged me to make the most of my body shape and to be more creative with my purchases. Now when I go shopping I don't waste time trying on the wrong things. I feel much more confident choosing clothes based on my palette that I know will look great.

Chris, London

My colour and style experience with Rachel was inspiring. It has given me confidence in choosing clothes and shopping is no longer a chore that I would normally avoid. Thank you!

Abby, Sheffield

My style consultation with Rachel was a great experience, worth every penny. It has given me a new found confidence and I now really enjoy shopping (something I've always hated and avoided!)
Now I know what to buy and what to avoid. I had the colour analysis first and Rachel advised a gap between the two to get used to the new colours. However, I couldn't wait long for the style analysis and booked for the week after! Rachel is lovely; makes you feel at ease, relaxed and has such enthusiasm and energy for what she does. Would thoroughly recommend a style consultation with Rachel to anyone of any age.

Penny North Wales

I recently reviewed my wardrobe after having two children in the past three years and the sight was not a pleasant one. I was faced with a morbid wall of black, grey, white and the occasional purple to make things exciting! I realised that my life had moved on but my clothes had stayed behind. I work full time, have two very active girls and a husband who I enjoy going for a drink and a meal with - on the odd occasion that we can get a babysitter - and enjoy being a grown up for the evening.

As a birthday present I received a consultation with Rachel for which I will be eternally grateful. On arrival
I was given a questionnaire which allowed Rachel to gauge the type of wardrobe I needed to suit my lifestyle as well as my personality and then we got to looking at a vast array of colours. What I really appreciated was being taught about colours and what suits me, not just Rachel giving me a list of colours.
I now really understand why certain colours work for me whilst others make me look paler and less engaging. I love having the little book of colours to carry with me at all times - it is a little security blanket which allows me to take a leap of faith with some colours that I would never have tried before.

Rachel also discussed with me the styles which suit my body shape which has inspired me to invest in some key items for my wardrobe and am now more knowledgeable about what is most flattering.

The consultation with Rachel has definitely made me feel more confident in trying newer, brighter colours, and sometimes putting on a fabulous pair of shoes on a wet and miserable February morning can really give you a lift! I would say to anyone considering a consultation to give it a go - you will learn something new and change they way you look at clothes and colours.

Jill, Germany