The Enneagram workshops: adults and children

The Power of the Enneagram - understanding people and enhancing relationships

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The Enneagram is an increasingly popular tool that supports people in understanding themselves and others. It interprets how personality impacts on effectiveness and relationships by driving thoughts feelings and behaviours.


E-type personality profiling – the art of understanding 2-day workshop

Benefits to you / your family / your team / your school

• Coaching techniques to enhance
your personality type
• Heightened empathy and improved
interaction with staff, parents and children
• Increased personal effectiveness, working
to strengths in the classroom, staffroom and home.
Learning will be varied, multi-sensory and active

Who Should Participate?

Anyone wishing to better understand their own and others' behaviour; thereby improving effectiveness of interactions and relationships. This programme is proving extremely popular with anyone interested in personal development, parents and also in the Education Sector including Headteachers, Teachers, SENCos, Senior Leaders, TAs.

Content of the 2 day programme:

• A basic undertsanding of the Enneagram and the three centres
• An awareness of the 9 ways of working, with coaching techniques to enhance your way of working
• Group exercises to enhance communication effectively
and interaction with each of the personality spaces
• An interstanding of the links, dynamics
and variations of the personality types

'... a life changing course! It will really enhance how I am with other people'
Support staff in school

... information was very well communicated - revealed at a good pace... a very valuable experience...'
author and trainer in education'

... left me buzzing! Think lots of people would benefit from the course.'

' the best training sessions I have ever experienced. It has left me with a thirst for more information so I can really utilise the potential of the enneagram for myself and others.' 
Deputy  Head

'...this knowledge and time spent discovering it has improved my  family relationships.'
Parent and Governor


Celebrating your strengths: 1 day workshop

Through the workshop materials, the children will become aware of the different key personality drivers - the emotions that subconsciously drive behaviour. They will explore the impact of these drivers on their responses to each other and to life´s challenges.

Benefits to your children

• Increased personal effectiveness, personalised learning,
working to strengths in the classroom and at home
• Assisted transitions through and between schools to enhance their personality type
•Coaching techniques to enhance their
personality type
• Heightened empathy, improved interactions with others
• Stronger sense of self, reduced susceptibility to peer pressure

Learning will be varied, multi-sensory and active.

Who Should Participate?

Years 5 & 6, 7 & 8


• A basic understanding of The Enneagram
and The Three Centres
• An awareness of the 9 ways of working, with coaching techniques to enhance children´s way of working
• Group exercises to enhance communication effectively and interaction with each of the personality spaces
• Greater understanding of childrens own strengths

" I wanted to write to thank you both on behalf of Y6 for their very enjoyable and informative day. I was amazed at how quickly they understood the various personality traits and I know that this will help them with managing friendships and understanding relationships with their peers and their families in future years. The format of the day was just right with lots of practical activities for the children and opportunities for discussion and teamwork. It must have taken a great deal of preparation to keep them engaged for the whole day, but they were all hanging on your every word until 3.35pm, when we had to stop.

Both my deputy and myself have had the opportunity to follow up this work and we see this as a very useful tool to reach them. Thank you once again and I hope we can repeat this workshop next year."

Head Teacher, Primary School Wirral

For more details about The Enneagram, the workshop or the next course dates, please contact Rachel.