Coaching with young people

Over the last few years, I have been working with an increasing number of young people, coaching and developing them around such issues as anxiety, confidence and self belief, improving friendships, managing time effectively, exam success, and developing future career paths.

I use a combination of my skill set to help each young person, tailoring the sessions to meet their particular needs and requirements.

For primary school children, I offer 30 minutes sessions and for senior school students, I suggest up to 45 minutes.

Please also see section detailing RMT, what it is and how it can help.

A selection of testimonials from students and parents:

The life coaching sessions helped me to believe in myself and they gave me more confidence. I was predicted to get D grades in most subjects, but with the help of Rachel, I managed to succeed and get B's and C's in 9 subjects. I learnt to value myself, to manage my time and that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. The sessions were fun and I will continue with occasional life coaching sessions to help me to achieve my goals.

Sixth Form College Student

Going to see Rachel whilst studying for my GCSE's and A levels has been an amazing help. She has helped me manage my time, make revision plans and most importantly kept me sane. Her guidance and support have given me the confidence to go into exams and a learning environment feeling positive and that I could actually succeed.
She is an excellent sounding board to bounce ideas off and to talk though any worries or problems I may be having. Without her help I wouldn't have believed in myself to come through with the grades that I did. Thanks.

Wirral Sixth form student

The sessions with Rachel were invaluable, helping me to control my stress levels throughout my A level exams. She introduced me to techniques that gave me focus leading up to an exam and control over nerves when sitting an exam. Her calm approach made me feel relaxed and instilled confidence at a time when I would normally feel panicked and anxious.
I truly believe that I would not have achieved the results I got without Rachel's guidance and ability to boost my self esteem. The techniques that Rachel demonstrated to me are valuable life skills that I have continued to use throughout my university career and I'm sure I will continue to use them in the future as I enter the working world.

University Student

My son had been suffering with anxiety especially at school. After a few sessions with Rachel, he was much more relaxed and the happiest he's been in a long time. The tapping technique really helped to put things into perspective for him.
He calls it "happy tapping", because it makes him happy. What more can I say!

Mum of 10-year old boy, Wirral.

In the run up to GCSEs, Rachel was able to help my daughter to plan effective revision strategies and prepare mentally for the stresses of the examination period. The coaching sessions built self-belief and gave the encouragement needed to recognise strengths and to work to full capacity. Coaching was also very useful in providing opportunities for reflection when choosing subject options and managing the transition to the sixth form. As a teacher myself, I would recommend coaching for any young person taking exams or making career choices.

Assistant Head, Wirral Primary School

As a school teacher and Mum of 2 teenage daughters I have really appreciated Rachel's professional support to all 3 of us. Rachel has enabled me to understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance and to strive to achieve this for myself. Rachel has also helped me to improve my communication skills and to deal effectively with many of the demands the job entails. My daughters have greatly benefited from Rachel's guidance in dealing with many of the challenges that being a teenager involves including the stress of exams and making decisions about their future study.

Teacher, Wirral Primary School