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A survey by Manchester Inc. of 100 executives found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.

We can all sometimes lose our way amid the stresses and strains of modern life. Often we need an unbiased, outside view to help move us forward.

There are those changes we would like to make, but never seem to get around to doing. Also the pace of change generally in the world is unlikely to slow down and coping with this can be a massive challenge. This is where coaching can help.

World-class athletes have all the skills, competitiveness and motivation yet all benefit from working with a coach – the same is true for everyone else.

20 years experience within the corporate arena, with more than 10 years experience and over 4,500 hours experience as a coach, equip Rachel Watson to work incredibly effectively with you – whatever your set of circumstances.

Rachel works with people who are striving to improve and / or going through periods of change or transition. She helps them elevate their thinking and problem solving so they can work through the various issues they face with relative ease and speed, accelerating their performance and impact.

"Rachel's service to MSM is invaluable. I was operating at 10% of my capability and with Rachel's help, I got back on track and that has directly led to £20-30k of benefit."

Jon Wood, Customer Research Manager,

“I started working with Rachel after a few months off work struggling with anxiety. Although my healing process was underway I was still very lost and hugely concerned about my chances of ever getting back to work "anxiety free". My first contact with Rachel was via Skype when she was somewhere near Australia working on a cruise ship. But this just showed the level of commitment she offers. Despite literally being on the other side of the world it felt like I was talking to an already trusted friend over a cuppa in my kitchen. That is how she works (although I am reluctant to use the word "work" as it feels a lot less formal than that).

What happened over our subsequent meetings was that Rachel would drive me forward. There is an arm around you but it is persuading you forward as much as it is sympathising. Rachel won't let you sit back and wallow, she will come up with idea after idea, exercise after exercise, fully accepting that some of them won't be perfect for you. But as soon as you have tried it and decided it isn't right, she will immediately come up with another one to try. Her resources and ideas seem to be never ending and she will get you to where you want to be.

However her biggest resource is her personality. She is never imposing or dictatorial but you automatically know that what she is saying is strong and needs to be listened to and acted upon. She comes across not as a teacher or even a coach but as a wise friend who knows and understands you and must be listened to. Just when you think you may have got away with something her knowledge of you and your situation will be recalled and you will be put back on the right track........gently.

I simply can not recommend Rachel highly enough to help you cope / change / adapt. It will be achieved with knowledge, understanding, skill but above all with humanity and care”.

J.A. Bristol

"Life Coach Rachel Watson has helped me navigate through some of the more difficult periods of my life. She is what I call a natural coach; nurturing, intuitive and unbiased. She realises that the answers to our problems and dilemmas come from within. She is the ultimate motivator that pushed me to rebuild my confidence and self esteem. Her approach was empowering! Coach Watson helped me establish realistic and achievable goals. Rachel knew how to tap into my cores beliefs to unleash the home truths that aided me in creating a better life for myself. I can honestly say that she has helped me move through my plateaus and realise my goals. I trust Rachel implicitly and think she is a brilliant Life Coach."

Lynn Blades
Aspire Magazine & GMTV

"My sessions with Rachel really helped focus my mind on what I wanted to achieve in life and more specifically in my work life. Rachel made me particularly aware of how I could influence decision-making as well as the perceptions of my own role in the business. Within a few months I had demonstrated a change in the value I can add to the business and the importance of my role in its success. With proof points and confidence in this, I was able to negotiate a significant pay rise and to continue to develop my career in the organisation."

Jayne, PR Manager, London

"I was predicted to get D grades in most of my GCSE subjects, but with the help of Rachel, I managed to succeed in getting Bs and Cs in 9 subjects. I learnt to value myself, to manage my time and that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. My second year at University had been a very difficult one with particular health issues, which was hindering my academic success and my confidence and self-esteem was suffering. I therefore went back to Rachel for further assistance for my health and wellbeing and to boost my confidence (which had suffered as a result of my health). My health and wellbeing is now better than ever and my confidence restored. I achieved a 2:1 in my degree, which I am so proud of and now studying for an MA."

Student Client, North West England

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“Your life today is the result of your attitudes and choices in the past. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and the choices you make today. Choose wisely.”

“Be fulfilled every step of your life, this is not something you can leave for later.

There are a lot of clouds in this world, but above those clouds is a beautiful, pristine sky with the sun shining bright. Where do you want to be? You can be anywhere you want to be. This is your choice…

Look within. See. It is not the formulas that are going to solve the problem. It is the obvious and the apparent, what we have…

To be just who you are.”